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Find Artisan Producers & Explore Independent Shops

We work with handpicked artisan producers and independent shops to provide you with your daily essentials, groceries, local delicacies and so much more.

Simply pay with your phone and pick up your order or choose a collection time that's convenient for you. Many shops can also deliver your orders to your doorstep, and we notify you after your orders get dispatched.

Two people sharing a car ride


Because we are an all-in-one app, we also help you with your travelling. We started as a ridesharing and carpooling platform, and we are pretty good at it.

Drivers create carpool journeys, indicate the number of passengers they can take and set the price per seat.

Passengers create journey requests and set their travelling budget.

We match drivers up with passengers travelling in a similar direction.

Both drivers and passengers get to choose the best matching ride that suits their budget and time altogether.

EV charging station

Find EV Charging Stations

Locate the nearest charging station globally.

Use your favourite map to navigate.

Check the charging equipment details.

Free to use.